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Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes
Increasing the Output and National Strength


It has been felt necessary to put up and promote a unified, empowered, robust and technology driven platform for helping and promoting the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of the country. As the name suggests, it will aim at Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing the Output and National Strength. Accordingly, the name of the system is CHAMPIONS.

This is basically for making the MSME sector robust by solving their grievances and by encouraging, supporting, helping and handholding them. That’s how the tagline: Our small hands to make you LARGE!

Operating Procedure:

  1. Broad objectives of CHAMPIONS:
    1. Grievance Redressal: resolve the problems of MSMEs including those of finance, raw materials, labor, regulatory permissions etc particularly in the Covid created difficult situation;
    2. To help them capture new opportunities: including manufacturing of medical equipments and accessories like PPEs, masks, etc and supply them in National and International markets;
    3. To identify and encourage the sparks: i.e. the potential MSMEs who are able to withstand the current rough weather and can become national and international champions.
  2. The System and the Technology:
    1. It is a bundle of technologies put together to handhold, guide, empower, ease and encourage the MSME sector of India;
    2. In simple terms, it is a web based portal which will provide facilities to the MSMEs and other related stakeholders to voice their issues and grievances and get resolution and way forward;
    3. Extensive use of AI, Machine learning and Data analytics is being done to avoid and reduce human intervention, delay and duplication in the processes;
    4. The system also has seamless integration with other grievance related portals of GOI like CPGRAMS and a number of other portals of the MSME Ministry;
    5. A large number of FAQs listed herein will also help answer many of the queries of the applicants.
  3. The Five Focus Areas (Catchment):
    1. Now onwards, Grievances of the MSME Units and stakeholders will be invited and enlisted only on the Champions platform and dealt with through the system made herein for the purpose. They will be given an auto generated unique ID number starting with GR;
    2. Grievances being registered on GOI’s CPGRAMS portal as well as any other portal of the Ministry of MSME will also be directly fetched by the Champions platform. They will be given an auto generated unique ID number starting with CP;
    3. This Portal will also capture and encourage ideas and collaborative, supportive ecosystem of experts and technocrats who can guide in the technical, managerial and financial issues faced by the MSMEs. They will be given an auto generated unique ID number starting with CO;
    4. Champions platform will also capture the self pro-active administrative interventions by the functionaries of the Ministry of MSME. They will be given an auto generated unique ID number starting with IN.
    5. It will also capture the VIP References coming from Hon. Ministers and other dignitaries. They will be given an auto generated unique ID number starting with VI.
  4. Dealing with the Issues:
    1. All the above five category of issues will be bundled together and as soon they land on the portal a unique ID and acknowledgement as above will go to the person writing the same;
    2. The bundle of issues so received will get automatically segregated subject wise and officer wise and get transferred to concerned officials (Branch/Bureau/Office Heads) under the MSME Ministry (including those of DC office and other organizations);
    3. The concerned officers will deal with issues with utmost promptness, sensitivity and seriousness;
    4. In any case, the matters should NOT remain unattended for more than three days and should NOT remain inconclusive after seven days;
  5. Resolving / Closing the Issues:
    1. After dealing with the issues and after satisfying that all aspects of the issue have been taken into account, the concerned officer may take a final decision including to close the matter;
    2. However, if there is an extreme humanitarian case or a case of injustice and / or harassment or undue delay, and if the decision is against the individual or unit, the unit or its promoters must be heard telephonically or in person;
    3. The Control rooms being set up as part of this mechanism can be used for this purpose.
  6. Open issues:
    After the above process, there would still be a basket of those grievances / issues which have not been closed as above.
    Thus, for the top leadership of the MSME Ministry, there are two tasks:
    1. To Monitor and ensure that the above system runs smoothly and effectively;
    2. To pro-actively take up those issues and grievances which have not been closed as above yet.
  7. Intervention by Secretary MSME:
    1. Secretary MSME will keep reviewing the overall functioning and outcome of the Champions system on regular and day to day basis;
    2. Moreover, every fortnight he will also hold a formal session/ interaction with selected applicants whose grievances are not settled;
    3. This would be done in and through the control room wherein Video conference cum calling and other technical facilities will be used.
  8. The Champion Control Room (CCR):
    1. It is very important to ensure that the MSME sector can avail of benefits of the Government schemes and support;
    2. Handholding of MSMEs needs to be done to ensure that the MSMEs do not face problem in accessing various inputs and requirements;
    3. This will be facilitated by and through the Champion control rooms;
    4. Control Rooms will be set up in Hub (Central/ New Delhi) and Spoke (States) Model.
  9. The Champion Control Room (CCR): (Central Level):
    1. A control room will be set in the office of the Secretary MSME for handling the entire process of Champions;
    2. The control Room will function from 8 AM to 10 PM every day;
    3. Duty of the staff in two/three shifts will be put for this purpose;
    4. There would be Video conferencing facilities, landlines and internet connected PCs to handle, record and process the matters;
    5. There would be enough landline numbers to call the stakeholders and ascertain the facts or resolve the issues;
    6. Grievances will not be invited on telephone. They will be enlisted ONLY on and through the Portal.
  10. The Champion Control Room (State Level): SCR:
    1. The State level Champion Control room will be set up in the Development Institutes (DIs) and other institutions of the Ministry;
    2. We have KVIC, NSIC, MGIRI, Coir Board and institutions like 18 Tool Rooms, 4 Testing Centers (TCs) and 7 Testing Stations (TSs) under this Ministry;
    3. In a State level Champion Control room, there could be representation of any of these offices or agencies under the Ministry;
    4. The Director of the DI or In-charge officer of the nominated institution would be responsible for functioning of the State control room;
    5. The control Room will function from 8 AM to 10 PM every day;
    6. Every nominated institution should dedicate at least 4-6 officials (preferably from Group A and B officials).
    7. Duty of the staff in two/three shifts will be put for this purpose;
    8. In addition to resolving the specific issues themselves, the SCRs will also be contacting various stakeholders at the field level including the Banks, CPSEs, DICs, State Govt. Offices, MSME Clusters and MSME Associations in their respective areas of jurisdiction to know and resolve the nature of the general problems which the MSMEs may be facing;
    9. The State level Champion Control rooms would also feed the information and inputs in the Champions system and would pro-actively take up the matters with the officials of the MSME Ministry to resolve the same.
  11. Accountability:
    1. Every Branch/Bureau/Office Head and officer will devote time and energy to this system and will deal with the issues flagged thereon diligently;
    2. They will also bring on board and unify other processes of the Ministry or GOI or States meant for the same purpose(s);
    3. Performance on this front, speed, sensitivity and professionalism will form an important part of the Personal / Annual assessment of the officers of the Ministry.

CHAMPIONS portal has been fully designed in house in a very short time with the help of NIC. Trial launching has been done on 9th May, 2020. Suggestions for improvement are also welcome at email id : champions@gov.in

A. K. Sharma, IAS
Secretary, MSME
Government of India

9th May, 2020
New Delhi