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Dear Friends,

Sub:Facilitation of our MSME units engaged in manufacturing of Covid-19 related Health items and Auxiliary items.

Kindly refer to our earlier mail regarding your ability to produce medical and auxiliary items related to Covid-19. Thank you for quick response. We have noted that you have the capacity and enthusiasm to produce such items which could be good for your Enterprise and will help the nation in tackling Covid-19.

We want the MSMEs of the country to play a championing role in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. We also want to see that in the process they increase their business and grow to become national and international champions.

We would like to facilitate you in this process. If you need any assistance in this regard or if there are any specific issues where our intervention is required, please feel free to flag the issues. In the meantime, we are giving the details to the concerned authorities who are engaged in procurement of these items produced by our Enterprise you may intimate us on;

Email: champions@gov.in

We are keen and committed to promote champions like you!

Copy to:

Concerned DIs, KVIC, Coir Board and NSIC with the directions to be in touch with these MSMEs who are producing health and auxiliary items used in Covid-19 and to kindly facilitate these Units and sent report in this regard within three days (7th May 2020) on the email champions@gov.in.

All DIs are further requested to ensure that all Units under their jurisdiction as per the list attached are contacted telephonically. After 3 days, Secretary (MSME) will review the position in this regard with the concerned Bureau Heads, DIs., KVIC, Coir Board and NSIC.